Meyer Carpentry
Meyer Carpentry

Remodels, Additions & More

Window Replacement

We have replaced countless windows in homes throughout Fairfield County. Window replacement is an excellent way to save energy costs and update your homes look. It may even save you money at tax time. Call us for advice on one of the most cost-effective forms of home improvement you can make.

The same personal dedication to quality is applied to any job, from a kitchen remodel to a ground up renovation. If it involves carpentry, we can build it.

Custom Carpentry

We take great pride in custom cabinetry and woodworking. We can design and build those personal touches you want to add to your home.

Bathroom & Kitchen Remodels

Our attention to detail really shines here. We will also ensure that you are using the most efficient appliances and fixtures.

Condominium Repairs

We have over sixteen years of repair work to condominiums including window, door, siding and deck replacement. We also have extensive experience handling repair work to entire condominium communities.

Water Damage and Dry Rot Repair

We carefully repair structural damage from leaks and age. If you are having moisture management problems such as leaking basements, we can repair leaks before they cause damage.

Carpentry Site Reports

We provide carpentry site reports for houses and condominiums. These cover all wood, trim, windows and doors and includes a detailed list of necessary repairs.